Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second day after Liberation

It's a rainy day here in Katowice and, since it is a holiday (Labour Day) all the stores are closed and we won't be able to get all those souvenirs and gifts we were planning to give to friends and family at home (that's our excuse, at least).

Last night a dozen of us "liberatos" and spouses/friends had a drink with Marek (who is leaving on an all-around-Poland walk for MS on Monday) at the Sky Bar and then took him out to the Via Toscana restaurant.  That was our first opportunity to meet Tony and his son and Raj and his family.  Tony and Raj had both been treated on Wednesday, so were in Val's "graduating class". It was a fun evening though it ended with a bit of a scare: one of our liberated friends had a fainting spell and was taken back to the Euromedic clinic for tests.  Although she is prone to fainting, the Euromedic people wanted to be sure that it wasn't related to the ballooning she'd had.  She was at breakfast this morning, looking fine.

As far as symptoms go, I am not noticing any differences that can be ascribed to liberation, yet: my symptoms vary day to day (or even hour to hour) so it's going to be a bit hard to tell when some slight improvements occur until they remain for a longer period of time.  Some of the people from the Wednesday cohort have noticed some significant improvements in their symptoms.

Susan, Mary and Raj


  1. Ted,

    Keep up hope!!

  2. Hi, I have a blog about my CCSVI liberation for MS. Check it out if you want