Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My "Classmates'" Improvements

A couple of the people who were in Katowice with me reported these improvements in their symptoms:
I experience the following improvements:
  • balance is far better and it maintains to be so. Before I would tip over when pulling up my pants in the bathroom, now I can do so without tipping.
  • i can stand up more straight and in balance. I do not have to hold the walker when I talk to someone, and am able to stand much longer. This causes muscle ache though, so I do have to do exercises to strengthen muscles.
  • i am able to shower standing up! haven't done that for a long time. After a while, i sit again in order to be able to take a longer shower, but i am able to shampoo my hair and rinse it, wash my body standing up. That is a big thing. Building up strength is key here.
  • i have a stronger right hand, i notice when i brush my teeth. the hand is still numb though, so my writing is still bad. Hooray for the laptop!
  • i cough stronger. before i couldn't clear my throat properly, now i can.
  • and the most interesting thing is that I have better circulation in my feet and legs. before i had thick legs due to water retention. Now it is gone!
 and from another:
  • My eyes are better, I can see colours and contrasts better, it s like somebody cleaned the windows.:)
  • My little finger on my right hand is functioning again, I can hold cutlery in both hands, also writing is getting better.
  • My feet are warmer
I hope the other improvements will come with time:)


  1. Hi Ted,

    Glad to hear things are looking up!


  2. Hiehoa, kun tuo jalkojen turvotuskin laski