Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Australian TV Show

In case you didn't catch it on Michele Walsh's Facebook posting, here is a link to an ABC TV news story about CCSVI:  Looks like our Australian friends have almost as much trouble as we do... though at least they can get it done in private clinics in-country.

Oh, and I found interesting the the neurologist's description of the CCSVI theory (certainly he wasn't sneering, was he?)... was he trying to dumb things WAY down for the TV audience, or did he just never bother to read up on the latest research and findings? Geez!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

We're at the cottage where we are certainly going to have a white - and cold - Christmas this year.  The bay is starting to freeze over, earlier than last Christmas.

To all my readers, may you have a happy holiday, filled with love and leaving many precious memories - and not too many more pounds!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iron levels in the MS brain

More about brain iron levels and MS progression: CCSVI Locator copy of an article.

CCSVI -- A New Phrenology?

Another slanted view from some in the medical community: CCSVI Locator copy of Medscape article.  Note the sarcastic tone, hypocritical use of anecdotal evidence and prejudicial wording... don't they realize that their credibility is drastically reduced when they speak down to us that way, instead of voicing healthy skepticism and showing evidence that they have actually tried to look at the issue objectively?

Conservative MP pushes MS assistance

Every little bit helps:

Friday, December 16, 2011

A raffle for CCSVI treatment

Here is a message I was forwarded from my friend, Richard Beecroft, who is asking people to buy tickets for a raffle to get a free trip to Mexico, but which will also get him CCSVI treatment:

Hello and I hope you are well.
A friend of mine Richard Beecroft has had MS for the past 40 years. Unfortunately, it is getting worse. Even simple tasks like washing, dressing and walking have become a challenge for Richard. He is also fighting Trigeminal Neuralgia, (an MS complication), which is often so painful he becomes completely debilitated. I’m contacting you today to ask for your support in helping him overcome this devastating illness.
You may have heard of the controversial CCSVI treatment that is changing the lives of MS people all over the world. This procedure is a simple angioplasty that can dramatically improve the health and overall quality of life in MS patients. Richard is a candidate for the CCSVI procedure, (having been already been tested), but he can't get this treatment in Canada. Fortunately, Clinics of the Heart in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico not only offers CCSVI treatments but also has a great way for MS patients, who are financially challenged, to get this treatment. They have created a raffle for a Grand Prize for two to a choice resort in Mexico (see website below). Your purchase of a $10 ticket goes towards both the raffle and the treatment for the MS person. 
So, to help Richard, AND for the chance to win a fabulous trip to sunny Mexico, go directly to: and follow the instructions. You can buy your tickets online via a secure PayPal site where your credit card and personal information is protected and not accessible by any others (including the fundraisers). After 1,000 tickets have been sold, the Grand Prize winner will be drawn, and Richard will be able to get his treatment!!
Whether you buy tickets or not, please forward this request to everyone you know. We need to reach as many people as possible so that he can get this procedure done and experience an improvement in his health and quality of life.
Richard would love to answer your questions. Please e-mail him at
Thank you very much for your help and support. 
I asked Richard what happens if the 1000 tickets aren't sold, and he said that the person running the raffle said that the money would be returned to everyone who bought tickets.  Rickard also said that, in his case, that would not be a problem, because he is half-way to his goal (1000 tickets), and his family would buy the rest of the tickets if nobody else did.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kirsty Duncan - Second Reading

Here is Kirsty's speech to Parliament (in the Hansard), introducing her CCSVI bill for second reading:, and here is the video of her speech:  Very well said, Kristy, and thank you from all MSers!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going to California in March

Well, enough of my symptoms have returned (somewhat) that I've decided to be re-assessed and then (if warranted) treated at Synergy Health in California.  Wanna guess what I'm doing during March Break?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Register on these mailing lists

If you are interested in MS and CCSVI breaking news, then I would strongly advise you to register on the mailing lists  for these sites:
There are, of course, many interesting ongoing discussion on CCSVI in the site.  Being a "friend" or group member of the CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis Facebook site will keep you in touch with a lot of the research and developments that are happening in the subject area.  As well, the Direct MS site, which used to focus on MS and diet, has now set its sights on bringing CCSVI research to Canada.
If you have any other sites that you feel I should include in this list, please let me know.