Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm back... and liberated!

I'm back from the hospital: stenosis in both jugulars, stent placed in the left jugular after an unsuccessful attempt at using only venoplasty.  In the right jugular it looked like the ballooning would hold fine.  More details to follow: first I have to have a shower and then a nap to make up for last night's poor sleep.  I have to rest up because all the April 29th "liberatos" (and a few from previous days that are still around) have invited staff to drinks and dinner tonight.

No miraculous improvements to report for myself.  A few possible changes reported by a couple of the others from yesterday's intake (7 of us) and more good news from those liberated a few days ago that are still around.  Most of us have the same attitude: this is worth the trouble even if "all" we achieve is to arrest the progression of MS, but we can all hope for "icing on the cake", and reports from others keep us believing that we might just get some of those extras.

It was great to meet Mary (and Richard), Tarja, Susan, Lydia (and Charles), Piotr (and Margareta), Paul (and Lorna), Inge (and Eric) and Val (and her brother Warren)... our brothers and sisters in hope.  I look forward to seeing all of your TiMS updates over the next few months.  Every one we met is invited to our cottage on the Baie de Chaleur - the lobster is on us - hope to see you there, or perhaps at our "6000 km checkup" this fall.


  1. That's fantastic news Ted. Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing how things go over the next few days.

    Brad and Colette

  2. I wish you very best. In Croatia at Monday starting CCSVI examination. I and some other people from FB CCSVI-Croatia group are scheduled for monday....HJ

  3. Hi HJ... good to know that this is spreading so well... and I wish all the best of luck in this new adventure!

  4. Glad to hear the procedure was required and completed!!! All th best.


  5. Hi Ted, Now just to let all that healing and repair happen. All the best and congratulations! Deborah

  6. Hi Ted! My family is celebrating your liberation! I read your "liberated" blog entry out loud to my husband, my mom and two of my friends! We are so happy for you and will continue to cheer you on and hold you in our thoughts and prayers as you allow your body the time and patience to heal! WONDERFUL NEWS! Shelley