Sunday, May 9, 2010

Advice from Dr. Simka

One of the people who was liberated on the same day as me is continuing to have headaches and dizziness.  She e-mailed Dr. Simka about it and this is the advice she reports that received (edited somewhat by me):
  • Fatigue might have become worse by all the activities during the week Poland, travel, stress, hospital, little rest, etc.
  • Tendency to faint could be due to the effects on my body of the new vascular changes - it may take 1 to 2 months for my body to get used to it! 
  • It's only eight days since the operation - that is far too short a time to feel good or see improvement. Dr. Simka  says it takes 1 to 2 months.  Take good rest and your medication! 
  • The headache and back-pressure back my head and neck: is due to the ballooning! Dr. Simka advises that, if within one month I don't feel better, I should go back to Poland because there may be restenosis.  I I hope not, of course, because I don't want a stent.  The doctor who did the procedure had said he hoped that with a 12 mm balloon my vein would remain open. 
  • By the way, my blood pressure varies a lot now: it was 105-62 last night and that was after one round walking with my dog - weird!

    I am reassured about my health condition by the reaction of Dr. Simka! Now let me see if I can feel better soon!


  1. 'Take good rest and your medication!'
    What medication? What is routinely administered after this surgery? I can't find info on it anywhere. There's not a lot of talk about what happens post-op, only the alleviation of symptoms seem to be the focus.

  2. Hello, how do you get in contact with Dr Simka? Please email me:

    Thank you so much!
    Jillian Roberts

  3. re: anonymous, the medication prescribed after the procedure is blood thinners, 7 days for balloons only,which you will get at the hospital in Poland and Plavix(blood thinners as well) for a longer period of time if you get stents which you will also get at the hospital