Monday, May 24, 2010

At the Cottage

It's been a gorgeous weekend at the cottage: sunny and around 30.  The sun is shining off the bay and the fresh breeze makes me think that maybe I'll get my sailboat out on our next trip out here... and last summer it looked like that would be my last summer of sailing... it's great to be alive!  I'm glad that I'm not much affected by heat anymore.  And no, that's not because of "liberation", it's just something that improved in my second year after being diagnosed, about the same time that my weakness and footdrop shifted from the right side of my body to my left.  The increased energy, though, could be due to the treatment.  I worked on the steps to the beach, mowed the lawn and did some other chores.  Though far from feeling "normal", I didn't get tired just thinking about doing those things.  Our friends and neighbours here seem to agree with my wife that I look better - better colour and "brighter".


  1. Hello Ted. So you did spit into the volcano as you flew over it. Seems to have worked . . . for a while.

    I plan to make before/after videos of walking, balance tests, etc., as I am a December 2010 enrollee in Katowice.

    Did you do so? (Not asking to see them, but I think a patient produced database, which is forming of youtube, to a degree, is one way of dealing with the subjectivity of incremental changes, and even if there are changes.)

    Best wishes,

    Kevin (dodgeviper on TiMS)

  2. Thanks Kevin,
    I got lucky with the volcano...and I hope it continues to hold because there are quite a few people I know from TiMS and elsewhere who are going over soon.

    I have no videos, but did do a bunch of benchmarking tests with the physiotherapist before I went - not all the tests we wanted to do but quite a few. I see her next week, at which time (I presume) we'll start to do them again. However, videos are a good idea... it's amazing how fast you forget the details of how things were.