Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Experience with Dr. Kostecki in Poland

The following was a posting on TiMS by an MSer (alanbrowne) who had just returned from his liberation at Dr. Kostecki's clinic in Tychy, Poland.  It should be reassuring for those who have gone this route for CCSVI assessment and liberation:
Hi All,
Just thought I would share my experiences in Poland with Dr Kosteki.
Arrived on Monday 10th May, met at the airport and transferred to the Arena Hotel in Tychy. Hotel 3 * and very nice, modern with good rooms and a nice bar area and restaurant.
Had MRI on Tuesday, 45 minutes long and had a couple of hours wait but all was fine. Saw Dr Kosteki Tuesday evening and had Doppler, my right vein was completely blocked, no flow at all !!  Left vein also partially blocked.
Wednesday saw the Neuro, normal testing here.
Friday, big day....arrived at the hospital about 3.00pm, was last in line so procedure didn't start until about 9.00pm, also you can't eat or drink anything all day, so with being nervous and hungry I was feeling a bit jittery.  They do put you on a saline drip when you get there so you're not de-hydrated. Procedure was ok, a little uncomfortable but not painful, a very strange popping sound when they balloon but ok. They tried to balloon my right but this wouldn't stay open so was offered a stent which I accepted. They also tried ballooning my left and although it did open more they did say they would've also stented this vein, but currently only use one. About an hour or so later I was all finished....liberated.  Bandaged up and not to move for 6 hours I was taken back to my room. Tried to sleep but just dozed on and off through the night, early morning my groin area where they went in started bleeding again, so more bandages and another 6 hours.....
About 4.00pm was given the all clear and could go back to the hotel.
So, have I noticed any changes since....

  • My left foot was immediately warmer
  • The constant spasm I had in my left leg disappeared
  • The Lhermittes I have always had is gone
  • Our journey back to the UK took 17 hours due to cancelled flights etc, normally I would be completely exhausted....but felt fine
  • My brain feels different, clearer, hard to describe
Hopefully over time things will also improve with my mobility, just need to be patient now.
Everyone over in Poland was fantastic, the Dr's, the drivers, Katherine, they all couldn't do enough to help, they were brilliant.
Also met some fantastic people who I had to mention, Randall and Kate from Canada, think we will friends for ever. Very Happy Jan and Lynda from Canada, very nice people also (although a bit of a trouble maker Laughing ). Ivan and his wife from Bulgaria, also really nice people.
Just to let everyone know the situation there, Dr Kosteki is actually doing all of this as part of a study which is why it is a lot cheaper.
All in all a memorable experience, would recommend it to anyone Very Happy
Take care all,

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  1. Thank you for sharing the info. and your experience.
    Get better and better every day.