Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passport Medical Contemplates Partnering with AMEDS Clinic

Here is a link passed on to me by a fellow MSer concerning a possible partnership between a Canadian medical tourism company and the new AMEDS CCSVI clinic in Warsaw:  Note that neither I nor my friend can vouch for the tourism company, nor have I heard from independent sources regarding the competency of the AMEDS people, but I thought that MSers looking at options may wish to investigate this one.  If anyone can provide me with good information concerning either organization, I would very much appreciate it.

PS: Looking at TiMS this evening, I see that at least one person who was on the Passport Medical waiting list took him/herself off because it was cheaper to deal directly with AMEDS.  However there may be other reasons (insurance, convenience) why some may prefer to deal with a company that specializes in medical tourism.

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