Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reply to Vick - Getting an MRV in Ontario?

Vick, did you have that CCSVI done by Dr. McDonald? If yes, then he seems very pro-MSer and should be able to help you.  If it wasn't done by him, then perhaps contact his office to arrange a meeting. Was the test you had done just a Dopplar ultrasound, or a venogram (apparently the "gold standard" to testing for CCSVI)?  In Poland I had the Doppler, MRV beforehand and then a venogram during the procedure. 

If you really need to get a MRV, maybe try to get in contact with Dr. Haacke at McMaster University.  There are also some contacts on the TiMS and facebook CCSVI sites, I believe.  But I think getting in contact with Dr. McDonald might be the best idea, either directly or through a referral from your GP.

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