Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simka's Team Trains Foreign Doctors

One of my fellow liberation "graduates" of April 29th asked Dr. Simka about the possibility of training a Finnish radiologist who is interested in CCSVI.  Here is Dr. Simka's response:
Congratulations for your improvement.
Regarding training, we will be more than happy when the operations will available in every country. It is rather crazy situation when patients are force to go overseas.
So, a doctor who will be interested in such training should contact either me, or Dr. Ludyga (
We had already doctors from UK, Russia, Hungary and India, and there will be from: USA and Canada. Prof. Zamboni is organizing primarily training in Doppler exams, but since he is from the state university, he is not very flexible (limited number of trainings, etc.), which, of course is due to bureaucracy, not to himself.

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