Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to remember

Here are some things that a few of us liberatos had forgotten to ask while we were at the clinic:
  1. Were the upper jugulars checked for stenosis? Since all of us had stenoses found in our lower or mid-jugulars, we didn't think to ask whether the upper jugulars (at the backs of our heads) had been checked in any case.  It's very likely they had been checked, but it would be good to be sure since we had come all this way for treatment.
  2. Some of us hadn't realized that we could ask the doctor to review the images of the procedure while we were laying there on the table after the procedure while the doctor was there to answer questions.  My doctor had shown them to me and answered my questions, but some others hadn't realized it was possible to do that and didn't ask.  We all received the images on a DVD, but it was nice to review them right at the end of the procedure.
  3. Ask for an emergency number to call in case there are any post-treatment worries after you have left the clinic.

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