Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No change for me yet, but...

You might like to hear from a liberated woman from southern California who described these improvements in a thread in TiMS:
  1. Immediately after procedure, daughter noticed my feet were pink and felt warm. They were icy cold and dusky prior to procedure. 
  2. I did not have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom. Prior, I had to get up 2 to 3 times a night. 
  3. I could walk without crutches around the room. Prior, I had to use crutches for every step. 
  4. I was able to sleep on the side that I had a painfully broken rib (my muscles were supporting my ribcage after the procedure). Prior, I couldn't put weight on that side. 
  5. I could stand up straight. Prior, my trunk was so weak, I was bent over. 
  6. I could look up at the ceiling without supporting my neck and head. Prior, I couldn't because my neck was too weak. 
  7. My gallbladder worked better. How do I know? Because my bowel movements were a darker color rather than very light. I also didn't have pain in my gallbladder area, even when eating high fat food. Prior, I couldn't eat high fat food without having pain in gallbladder. 
  8. I did not choke. Prior, I choked frequently on my own spit or on anything spicy. 
  9. My right foot was straight when I walked. Prior, my right foot "led" with the outside. I thought I was just pigeon-toed. 
  10. No positional sleepiness. Prior, I fell asleep or almost fell asleep when my head was flexed in certain positions. 
  11. Shopped for 3 hours without any cramps in feet. Prior, I couldn't shop for longer than 1/2 hour.
These were immediate results that have either stayed stable or improved even further since procedure 6 weeks ago. 
My physical therapist says my lower extremity strength has increased 25%.


  1. I am wondering if there might be any correlation between the type of MS reported by those who had CCSVI treatment, and the types of symptom relief reported after CCSVI treatment. Do you happen to know what type of MS your fellow patients reported before their treatments (i.e. RRMS, PPMS, SPMS)? Thanks for sharing - Bonnie

  2. That's a good question, Bonnie. I've started a new topic addressing that in the CCSVI forum in TiMS.