Friday, May 14, 2010

Good News: Dr. McDonald continues testing for CCSVI

A fellow MSer told me this evening that he's just received word that he has an appointment to be tested for CCSVI by Dr. McDonald in July (after having been referred by his GP) in Barrie, Ontario.  I hope for his sake, and for the sake of all other MSers in Canada, that by the time he goes to Barrie, Dr. McDonald will have been allowed to resume TREATING CCSVI, as well.  If not, then I hope somebody who is affected by this will sue the a$$es off the people and organizations who are responsible for this travesty - SHAME ON THEM!


  1. My thought exactly!! It is about time someone took the Government (Medical Society) to court over this. It is a human rights issue and descrimination.

  2. I had this test done in March of this year, the results were found that I met the criteria for ccsvi 3/5.

    where do can I get a MRV in Ontario to really show the detailed abnormalities in the veins?

    all vascular specialists are avoiding me.


  3. Hi fI am leaving 4 Poland on the 22 of May!(YIPPY)It is my understanding that I will need a vascular specialist upon my arival back to Toronto. I have tried on numerous occasions with absolutly no help from his extremly rude emploies can you if possible tell me what to do, and by the way I have been following for some time now, how r u feeling?