Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stent Care and Iron Deposits

A note from a fellow "graduate" of Katowice who was wondering about living with a stent, and about getting rid of the iron that we assume has built up in our brains. and got these answers from Dr. Simka:
I have asked two questions (of Simka). His answers are in red:
  1. Are there any rules  on 'how to live with a stent in a jugular vein' : The do's and the don'ts... You can do almost everything, but a compression in the area of the stent (especially if it is a long stent, longer than 40 mm, should be avoided.
  2. We are wondering how we can get rid of the iron deposits: Medication/diet? The role for iron in the pathogenesis of MS is only hypothetical; maybe it is important, maybe it is an epiphenomenon. Anyway, diet cannot change this iron load. The are drugs that hypothetically might be useful, but they are of as yet not proven efficacy.

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