Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What medications post-op (after "liberation")?

To some extent what you will be prescribed will depend on what you have done (venoplasty only?  a stent?), but for me (with venoplasty on both sides, then a stent in the left jugular) they prescribed:
  1. Fraxiparine (Heparin in North America) injections for 7 days - I guess to reduce the chance of blood clots forming.
  2. Areplex (Plavix in North America, blood-clotting inhibitor) for two months, recommended for a year.
  3. Polpazrol (Prilosec in North America) for two months.  This is for stomach upset, so since I need it anyway to counteract my arthritis pills, I'll keep on using it instead of the other medicine I've used previously (that was my GP's advice anyway).  Polprazol seems to work better than my old medicine.
  4. Low-dose Aspirin forever.  They suggest 100 mg, but the 83 mg aspirin should be fine, they said.  I was doing that anyway.
It wasn't clear from what they gave us as general information, but apparently it's a good idea not to do very strenuous activities for a couple of weeks post-op if you get a stent. If you have any complications or concerns post-op, Dr. Simka usually answers those quite quickly.

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    1. I saw my GP after the procedure and she conferred with an IR. She adjusted my medications - stay on the Plavix for 1 year. Also the Omeprazole (otherwise known as Ortanol, Polpazrol, Prilosec etc) This goes hand in hand with the Plavix.

      After the year, 160 mg aspirin.