Friday, April 23, 2010

In the airport in the Big Smoke (Toronto)

I'm on my way! Looks like the Icelandic volcano (the REALLY big smoke) is behaving itself, so we should be in Krakow by tomorrow morning. A few days in Krakow then I find out if the direction of my disease... and life... is going to change.

I'm in "the Big Smoke", with a five hour wait for my flight to Frankfurt. I don't like these long transit waits, but at least it means I'll get my money's worth from this internet connection... no free wireless like we have at the Fredericton airport. 

Me, my wife and our friends are on the way!


  1. Ted, je te souhait tout la chance du monde et toute ma famille est avec toi !...
    Louis, Madeleine et les enfants

  2. Hope you made it to Poland safely. The very best of luck next week! Give my best to Mary.


  3. Hi Ted

    This is so exciting! Finally! Wishing you all the best. Thanks for posting your journey on this blog. Hugs to you and Mary!