Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting the skinny...

We spent a pleasant evening at dinner with Paul and his wife Lorna.  Paul had the procedure yesterday and didn't get any sleep last night, so he did well to hang on through a long dinner and lots of questions from us... in fact, he was going to have a beer with Marek before he turned in for the evening.  He said that he didn't feel any remarkable sudden improvements, but he didn't expect to at such an early stage and while still recovering from the drugs they give for sedation etc.  However, Paul had a long day and he was still going strong, so unless that is normal for him, being liberated hasn't done him any harm.  Of others I know through TiMS: Inge is undergoing the procedure this evening and Val will have hers tomorrow night.

But now it's getting to be my turn: eye exam at 9 AM, MRV at 3 (or later) - I guess these can drag on quite a while.

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