Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naysayer's Hypocrisy Revealed

If you saw last night's W5, then you'll remember that Dr. Freedman, who called CCSVI a hoax last fall, seems to be backtracking on that statement, though he still feels that too much attention is being paid to it and the "dangerous" liberation treatment (which has seen one death in a patient with a pre-existing condition after 300 or more procedures).  However, when W5 asked him just over a year ago about his own experimental treatment that caused the death of one out of the 7 patients that tried it, he appeared to be much more accepting of the fact that in such experiments, "death is a possibility" or, to put it another way, that sometimes to make progress we have to take risks.  In fact, I agree with that, but I find it awfully hypocritical that he would then try to disparage a treatment that is, according to all evidence, much less risky than the one he was involved in.

See his earlier remarks (and information about the treatment he championed) at:

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