Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're in Krakow now...

What a beautiful city with nice, friendly people!  Frankfurt was a bit of a worry (the special needs people took care of me, but my wife and our friends had to take care of themselves and arrived just as the flight to Krakow was boarding), but we (and our luggage) arrived in Krakow on time and after a nap we walked a bit (a bit is all I can do), took a golf cart tour of the city, and just had a nice meal at a Georgian restaurant.  Tomorrow we visit the Wawel castle.  The important thing is that we're here, and I'll be in Katowice by the 27th, as required.


  1. great, enjoy in vacation and "Liberation" :)

  2. allo Mr.Ted je vous souhait beaucoup chance de réusit car je croie aussi dans la liberATION TREAMENT CAR MOI AUSSI JE FAIT DE LA SCLÉROSE EN PLaque bye bye Bernie de Campbellton N.B