Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Well, actually, my bags aren't packed yet and I'm not ready to go, but at least I'm finished marking my exams.  It looks like Frankfurt and Krakow airport are (or soon will be) in full operation, so that should be another hurdle out of the way for our take-off on Friday.  I've been getting lots of best wishes from friends, relatives and fellow MSers who are all hoping that I have CCSVI and that I come back with the kinds of improvements many "liberated" people have seen.  I'd sure hate to disappoint them!


  1. Ted - we will be thinking about you and hoping for a positive diagnosis (and then liberation). We will check the blog regularly. Take care and have a great trip!

    Brad and Colette Wasson

  2. Wish you the very best of all possible outcomes-- hope to read your updates soon here or on thisisms. Happy Trails and all the best! (prairiegirl)