Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fine Day in Krakow

Great weather in a beautiful city... Krakow is definitely a place I want to come back to... especially if I can actually walk around to enjoy it next time.  This evening we had a great meal at the "Pod Aniolami" ("Beneath the Angels") restaurant, on 35 Grodzka Street, not far from the castle.  The food was superb and the service was fantastic... if you go there, say "Hi" to Maciej for us. Our friends actually got some great pictures inside the restaurant.


  1. Bonjour Ted

    Vous ayant rencontré seulement une fois toi et ta femme quelques semaines avant votre départ pour la Pologne, j'ai vu en vous deux des personnes courageuses que je sais vont atteidre leurs buts. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us, we feel part of your adventure and we are excited for you and your wife and we hope nothing but the best.


  2. Hi Ted,

    Just got back from vacation, wanted to say best of luck, I'll say a prayer!!!

  3. Hi Ted

    Thanks for sharing your journey on a blog. I am keeping my fingers crossed and also lent you my team of guardian angels. All the best tomorrow. Tom and I wish you the best. Deborah (Winnipeg)

  4. I love this picture. And I love you :)