Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another encouraging testimonial on TiMS...

from "berriesarenice", who just recently returned from her liberation treatment in Katowice, Poland:
Oh yes, I'm here. Thank you for checking on me. I've been without internet since my return from Poland, and Blackberry is awkward for a report that does justice to my condition. I feel amazing, amazing, amazing! I have been running around with my children (I have six) all day, every day since I've been back...the park, hiking, the pond, the farm. I was always able to walk, but the fatigue was so bad I used to lie down at 1:00pm, and be in bed until the next morning. Sometimes I'd join the family for dinner, but usually not. Now I make the dinner.
I don't have words to explain the difference this has made. It feels like I had been swinging a 10x weighted bat...through mud.
Now I find myself taking the stairs, two at a time, and racing my kids across the yard. I jumped on the trampoline with them. I'll give more detail when I'm back on line, but so far, this is way beyond what I imagined. I am so grateful to all of you who were brave enough to go through with this procedure when the establishment was saying to wait, to those of you who educated and gave your testimonies and your encouragement. I didn't fully believe what a difference this would make until I experienced it for myself.

Thank you, thank you to all of you!

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