Thursday, December 17, 2009

Westmount Square Medical Imaging

My neurologist called.  She talked to Michael Baranyai at St. Mary's this morning.  Apparently he is working (part time) for a private radiology clinic in Montreal (514-939-9764).  They are doing Doppler ultrasounds ($250) and are just now studying how to reprogram their MRIs for MRV.  My guess is that they are going to have that ready before it is done at St. Mary’s (surprise surprise).  For myself, I want to know if there may be some things (such as a bone growth pinching the jugular vein) that might mean Dr. Simka in Poland can’t do anything for me.  So, if I’m going to go to Montreal, I might as well get both Doppler US and MRV done at the same time.  That means it probably will have to be the private clinic for me.

Later: I called the "Westmount Square Medical Imaging" clinic.  They don't yet  know when MRVs will be available, or what the cost will be. They'll call me when they know.


  1. hi who is your neurologist? i am in quebec and i cant find any interested dr or neuro for ccsvi. so you know who i can call? thanks..alishia

  2. Hi Alishia,
    Send me an e-mail ( and we can discuss it.