Monday, December 7, 2009

Continuing research

There's a lot of information on CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment out there, and it's growing by the hour, so I hardly know where to begin in order to summarize it... and it's only 3 days since I did my last summary!

Actually, as you may have noticed from the contents of my first summary (though I didn't say it outright), I have been primarily focusing on the possibility of having the tests and procedures (if appropriate) done by Dr. Simka's team in Poland. The major reason for that is Dr. Simka actually replied to my e-mail. Dr Zamboni in Italy and Dr. Dake in California have been so deluged that they are apparently not answering the average MS patient. Even Dr. Simka now takes much longer to answer e-mails (days, rather than hours) according to former CCSVI patients, but at least I did get an answer from him. Sometime this week I can contact him to make arrangements for the assessment and, tentatively, the LT procedure sometime in the new year.

In the meantime, I have been reading the posts in the ThisIsMS forum (in from people who have had or are planning to have the procedure done in Poland. The topic areas that I have been most interested in are the "Dr. Simka (Poland)" and "Going to Poland" threads, as well as other threads where individuals receiving the treatment have chronicled their experiences in Poland and their improvements after the treatment.

I have also been contacted by a number of people in Canada interested in what I am finding out, so I hope that I can structure this in such a way that it is of some use to them.

I'm getting tired, so I think I'll continue this tomorrow.

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