Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some on-line resources

I may not have time to work on this tonight and will be away on the weekend, so here are a few of the web-sites and discussion groups I found useful/interesting. There are more, as I say below, but maybe I'll add them later... or readers will share theirs with me. I'll probably put them on a special page, once I learn how to do it.

  • - Specific details about travel to Dr. Simka's clinics in Poland.
  • - A virulent naysayer (Colin Rose) about CCSVI and the liberation treatment. Unfortunately, he is so virulent that most of his arguments come out as BS. There were responses from CCSVI believers that pointed out some of the weaknesses in his own argument, but on a second trip to the site, I couldn’t find them (?).
  • - Web site of the clinic that Dr. Simka works in, this is the page that focuses on the MS work of Simka’s team. Much of the rest of the site (such as where it’s located) is in Polish unfortunately, so far.
I have some seen some other interesting forum sites of people talking about their experience with the liberation treatment, and others that are discussions of some of how other correlations with MS (Vitamin D; auto-immune reaction; differences between R&R, PP and SP MS) can be explained by CCSVI theory. Also others that talk about old research concerning brain blood flows and iron in the brains of MS patients was noted but never pursued by researchers. Unfortunately, when I read those, I didn’t think to copy the URLs: if/when I see them again, I’ll add them to this list.

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