Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CCSVI Assessment in St Mary's Hospital

Today I received a reply from St Mary's Hospital in Montreal:

Unfortunately, there is no formal CCSVI study currently being conducted at St. Mary’s. What you heard about was in fact a one on one exchange between a patient and a dedicated family physician with an interest in the topic (from what I have been able to gather).

Several recommendations:

  1. Speak to your own family physicians to see whether he/she is familiar with the work currently being conducted in the field. Perhaps he/she can help you book an appointment for a scan, and can help interpret results - or can link you to someone who can.
  2.  I believe there is currently a formal study being conducted at McMaster (http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20091120/W5_liberation_091121/20091121) - you may try getting in touch with someone there. I unfortunately don’t have any additional information. 
  3.  You may try to contact the vascular lab (for imaging/scans of the vascular system) at St. Mary’s hospital (with Michael Baranyai) – but I am afraid they may not have much more information for you. 514 345 3511 ext 3682. 

Well, that looked like a false lead.  But being the dogged person I am (stubborn?), I decided to make one more call, to Michael Baranyai.  Very luckily (he said), I caught him at his desk.  In fact, his lab IS doing the doppler and MRA (angiography, which he says is the same as venography) and though he has lots of experience with imagery (since 1986), he is on a steep learning curve with respect to CCSVI, doesn't assume that he has the expertise of Haacke, Zamboni, Dake or Simka, but is willing to do the assessment for me sometime after Christmas.  I need a referral from my doctor here in Fredericton.

By the way, I asked if he wanted me to remove his phone number from my posting, but he said it was OK because his phone number is already out there in the Internet.  Won't put out his pager number, though.  :)

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