Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First serious stent complication, liberation treatments stop in the US

Well, it had to happen sometime, I guess... one of Dr. Dake's patients (in California) that had a stent put in his jugular had it move to his heart... and he required open heart surgery. "Radeck" was a recent recipient of the "liberation" treatment by Dr. Dake, and his run-up to the procedure was closely followed by the CCSVI proponent community. His story (partly in his own words) can be found here: http://www.thisisms.com/ftopic-8928-days0-orderasc-0.html. He seems to be recovering nicely, but Dr. Dake has stopped doing the treatments - presumably because of liability issues - causing a groan of anguish from those who were in line to get the treatment at Stanford. I wonder what this might mean to those of us who are hoping to get treated by Dr. Simka in Poland?

That is the first serious complication after 60 operations (worldwide) using stents - according to one MSer's count. I think those are not bad odds, but I can certainly see why that is going to stop the liberation treatment using stents from occuring in the US.

By the way, in the link above there is a good explanation as to why stents in veins are more likely to migrate than stents in arteries.

PS: I sent my request for an appointment to Dr. Simka tonight.

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