Monday, December 28, 2009

Insurance for Medical Travel

In case any complications occur after I get the liberation treatment (assuming I am eligible to get it, of course), I have been looking into insurance for medical travel. There is at least one US company that seems to provide some kind of insurance in case of medical complications overseas which is used by a Canadian medical travel agency called Surgical Travel Canada. The application form for this special insurance can be found at:[1].pdf

Most insurance companies won't touch this kind of travel with a 10-ft pole, I suspect, since it is much riskier than ordinary travel insurance, which won't cover pre-existing conditions, much less travel for medical treatments. Of course, Canadians are probably  better off than US citizens in this regard since our medicare may cover some of the expense of an extended stay in hospital in Poland because of complications arising from medical treatment.  Of course, our Medicare will pay nothing towards the liberation treatment itself because it hasn't yet been proven to be an effective treatment for MS.

In any case, I am first going to find out what Medicare will cover in case of complications.  If our Medicare does pay for most of the expense for an extended stay in hospital in Poland, I may not bother seeking out the private (and probably expensive) medical travel insurance.  However, if it does appear that I need this private insurance, I'll look into the "bona fides" of this insurance company more deeply.


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