Saturday, December 19, 2009

More news from Poland

On Friday I received a reply from Dr. Simka regarding some questions I had asked a few days earlier:
  • Q: I'm assuming that I can schedule the assessment and treatment (if appropriate) to happen all in one trip to Poland, is that right? Where will the assessment(s) and treatment take place (so I can choose the most appropriate hotel nearby)? How do I pay - are credit cards acceptable? A: I will send you detailed information regarding date, hotels, payments etc. in a proper time.  The hospital is in Katowice, the nearby airports are in Katowice and Krakow.
  • Q: How long should I plan to stay in Poland after the treatment date? What drugs will I be required to take after the treatment, and for how long? Is it necessary to do a follow-up check-up at your clinic? A: You should plan at least 7-days long stay in Poland (at least 3 days post-op).You will get all necessary prescriptions and instructions how to use medications, as well as if and when to come for a follow-up (all these depends on the type of operation and patient's characteristics).
  • Q: You gave me the costs of the assessments and treatment, but it is not clear if it is necessary to have the Doppler as well as the MRV, or if an MRV removes the need for the Doppler. A: Doppler in our centre is the main diagnostic tool, while MRV gives some additional information, which is important during the operation.
  • Q: Could there be any additional costs besides the ones you quoted in the previous e-mail? A: The pricelist, in general includes all costs, however it is not possible to predict which type operation will be needed in particular case before diagnostics.
Then I asked him if it was possible to have my visit scheduled for late April, giving me time to finish giving my courses and exams.  He said that he would schedule my assessment/treatment for late April or early May.

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