Monday, December 7, 2009

CCSVI - Just the facts and other useful threads in the ThisIsMS site.

While I have already referred to the discussion site, I've only described particular "threads" of the ongoing conversations. I should have mentioned that there is a more structured way of looking at the threads and then following some that are of value to your information search. The overall topic area (CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment) can be found at Within that are many interesting threads, some of which I have referred to previously. (Note that some are "sticky" threads that are meant to contain information, not discussion - they don't want them so filled up with comments that the information gets lost). Some of the most useful threads include:

  • A very useful thread that begins with a clear explanation of the pro-CCSVI arguments along (with some counter-arguments from those who dismiss CCSVI as being a cause for MS), can be found at: After the first clear explanation some of the other posts in this thread do get very technical. Remember that
  • Another useful one describes known complications with angioplasty and stenting, the procedures used by the three groups that are currently (as of December 7th, 2009) carrying out the Liberation Treatment:
  • For this who wish to track the progress and experiences (in terms of changes to their MS symptoms) of patients who have had the liberation treatment, follow this thread: NOTE: In this part of the forum there is one reference to the liberation procedure also being done in Taiwan - the first time I've seen a reference to the procedure being done outside of Italy, California and Poland.
There is much, much more, but some of these threads would be a good place to start.

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