Thursday, December 10, 2009


As I said in an earlier post, I’ve sent my request for an appointment (along with some questions, see below) to Dr. Simka, and am waiting for a reply.  Now that Dake in Stanford has been stopped from doing the treatments, and Zamboni will apparently only treat Italians (for now, at least), Simka’s team is the only option available to Canadians at this time.

My questions for Dr. Simka:

  1. I’m assuming that I can schedule the assessment and treatment (if appropriate) to happen all in one trip to Poland, is that right?
  2. Where will the assessment(s) and treatment take place (so I can choose the most appropriate hotel nearby)?
  3. How long should I plan to stay in Poland after the treatment date?  Of that time, how much time will be in the hospital?
  4. Given your experience, what are the possible complications I might have to worry about?
  5. What drugs will I be required to take after the treatment, and for how long?
  6. Is it necessary to do a follow-up check-up at your clinic?  When?
  7. You gave me the costs of the assessments and treatment, but it is not clear if it is necessary to have the Doppler as well as the MRV, or if an MRV removes the need for the Doppler.
  8. How do I pay – are credit cards acceptable?  Could there be any additional costs besides the ones you quoted in the previous e-mail?
Also, I did get a reply today from Dr. Haacke, saying he would be starting doing tests for CCSVI after the New Year and that I should be patient, allowing the scientific method to be applied to test the CCSVI theory.  I replied that I understand the necessity for using the scientific method but that, given my increasing rate of deterioration, if I had the opportunity to seek assessment and treatment somewhere soon, I would.

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