Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rebuttal of anti-CCSVI articles in the National Post

Dr. Ashton Embry of Direct-MS (www.direct-ms.org) has published a rebuttal to the two (one by Blackwell, one by Corcoran) National Post articles that called the CCSVI a hoax and/or a myth.  His rebuttal, which is both a good dissection of the two articles and at the same time underlines the reasons why the CCSVI theory gives valid hope to MS sufferes and their families can be found at:

In this rebuttal, Dr. Embry also has some scathing words for the heads of the Ottawa, Calgary and Winnipeg MS clinics who, as quoted in the National Post articles, argue against the CCSVI theory by either calling it a "hoax" (while not giving a shred of evidence as to why that might be) or provide vague (and unfounded) reasons for why MS sufferers shouldn't spend their time (or, especially "waste" the time of their MS Clinics) looking into CCSVI and the Liberation treatment.

Dr Embry also references a Facebook article by Joan Beal (a very early champion of having CCSVI studied in North America) that uses facts to counter the assertions in the Corcoran "diatribe".  See http://www.facebook.com/notes/ccsvi-in-multiple-sclerosis/a-public-response-to-terence-corcoran-and-the-national-post/267753807210.

While Dr. Embry's small, Calgary-based charity (founded upon the diagnosis of his son with MS in 1995) normally focuses on diet strategies to alleviate symptoms in MS sufferers, he has come to be a champion of increased research into the CCSVI theory, since he believes it is the most believable and comprehensive explanation for the the processes that cause the onset and progress of MS.

Both the Embry and Beal rebuttals provide a good summary of the arguments for taking the CCSVI theory and Liberation treatment seriously.

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