Sunday, February 28, 2010

Implications of New CCSVI Phenomenon - For Me

This is what I wrote in reply to one of my blog readers who expressed astonishment at this new information and concern about what it's implications might be for MS sufferers who are hoping that CCSVI is found to be a large part of the answer to our health problems:
I can’t even get my mind around all those implications: is this a rare occurrence? Does it happen only to “pancaked” veins (I updated my blog just now because later in the thread prof8 says that his veins were flattened, which is not what people usually think of when you say narrowed)? Could there be a dietary or lifestyle cause for it? And, more personal ones like: what if, when I go to Poland, they find nothing wrong with my veins? Does that mean that I’ve never had CCSVI and that I have to look for a cause elsewhere, or does that simply mean I don’t have it at the time of the test? Again, many more questions than answers.

For my own situation, I think it means two things: 1) things may be more complicated and so IF I have CCSVI and the liberation is done, my chances of recovery are a little less clear and certain and 2) given these complications, it may even be more years than expected before “liberation” becomes an accepted treatment for MS in Canada. Overall, that makes me all the gladder that I organized the trip to Poland now.

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