Friday, February 12, 2010

CCSVI and MS on CBC Connect (Video)

Here is a story that the CBC (finally) did that talks about MS, CCSVI and Zamboni. It also includes an interview with a (clearly uncomfortable) official from the Canadian MS Society who says that Zamboni only published his first paper about CCSVI in November and that the MS Society was first off the mark with funding for CCSVI research. You'd think she would have at least found out when his papers about CCSVI were published - she probably didn't bother reading any of them, I suppose. She also didn't mention that the MS Society moved to offer a small research fund only after it started to feel the anger of Canadian MSers.

Zamboni first postulated the idea of CCSVI in 2006, and the first doppler tests were reported in 2007, so there were definitely published results for her to look at before November of 2009.  I can think of many reasons for urging MS sufferers to be cautious about investing all of their hopes in CCSVI and liberation treatments, but I can't see any reason why the MS Society wouldn't properly research the subject. Even if you assume that they just "missed the boat" with regard to knowing a darn thing about the theory and its associated research and clinical results until it was shoved in their faces in November, what's their excuse for not investigating it since then? What the h**l are they getting paid for? I can't see donating any more of my money to an organization like this.

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