Friday, February 5, 2010

More clarification with respect to Poland

Our friend from the Netherlands who is in the "April intake", but will be going earlier, received this reply from Dr. Simka regarding higher prices etc:

Dear Robert,

You should explain that you are not interested in high standard hotel, assistance, transfers, etc. Consequently, you should ask her for the value of prepayment only for medical procedure. Not having full package might be a little problematic for you, since facilities are in different places, so perhaps you will need a taxi (if you dont come with your own car) - anyway you can save money.

You should understand that most patients from abroad are interested in five-stars hotels etc., but it is not obligatory, of course.

Sorry for prepayments, but this is due to 2 things; 1. the hotel needs money before, since they gave our patients big discount (not your case) 2. some patients from abroad did not pay for the treatment, the hospital wants to avoid this

The price for medical procedure is not much higher from the initial one.

In a case of problem, call me again.

Marian Simka
This clarifies things a bit, though I still question having to do a prepayment for the entire procedure before it is known whether it will be possible to have the whole procedure. Perhaps Robert will find that out for us, as well.  Actually, it's good to know that Dr. Simka is interested in helping patients when administrative issues like this come up.

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