Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BNAC Study - even more interesting

A Canadian Press story ( indicates that in the BNAC study, people with more advanced MS symptoms had CCSVI rates of 80%, and that it was people with CIS (only one MS attack in their lives) at only 38% that brought that average down.  I have a feeling that there is more interesting information coming out of that study, as people get a chance to dig in to the detailed results.

Later note: Some people are looking for the source of this Canadian Press story, since these statistics (CIS - 38% and CDMS - 80%) were apparently not mentioned in any BNAC press release. Overall, in TiMS, there is a LOT of discussion regarding what the study results mean and a growing consensus that we need to see the published results (not just press releases) to understand what was done and what the results might mean.

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  1. Great news! The first CCSVI story in the U.S. aired tonight in San Francisco on ABC. This is history in the making!