Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Cured" of MS because of Liberation Treatment

Although it is unfortunate that the article has the word "cure" in the headline (CCSVI supporters don't want to alienate the medical establishment or give false hope to MS sufferers by calling it a cure), it does tell a very hopeful story of the recovery of a UK MSer (Martin Jones) who has had the liberation treatment in Poland:

This "liberated" MSer has also told his story in the TiMS forum. You can follow the posts of "wonky1" from the time he learned of CCSVI, through his two liberation procedures (his veins re-stenosed the first time) to his current improving status.  Simply do a forum search for the posts (not topics) of wonky1 in the CCSVI part of the www.ThisIsMS.com forum, asking for the results to be shown in descending order.

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  1. How can I put myself on the list! I have EDSS of 6.5 and am also secondary progressive, diagnosed in 2002. Please help! laliberte.genevieve@videotron.ca