Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buffalo study in mid-February - Probably good news!

For those waiting for news from the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center study into CCSVI, the February 4th newsletter from the Director indicates that the results of the testing of 500 MS patients will be made available in the middle of this month:
So, I guess there will be no announcement about the Buffalo results at the Hamilton conference on Sunday, after all.  However, the tenor of the newsletter (almost giddy?) AND the plans for second phase tests AND for making CCSVI assessments generally available AND for testing of alternative "Liberation treatment" procedures would lead me to step out on a limb and predict that when they do announce the Buffalo study results they will say:
  1. CCSVI is REAL
  2. CCSVI is HIGHLY correlated with incidence of MS
  3. Treating CCSVI in MS sufferers will likely improve their situation, at least slowing the progression of the disease.
Well, they probably won't SAY the last one out loud, but their actions will speak louder than words.

It's remarkable to see such a stunning discovery in my lifetime, and at a point where I should at least get some benefit from the discovery.


  1. And they are certainly ready to make some money off of it, did you see the prices on their website and they duly noted that insurance companies will most likely not pay! The advanced package includes a limo ride and hotel...they could have at least offered champagne as well. But all joking aside, I am ready for the results and optimistic, fingers and toes crossed!

  2. I am delighted with the tone of the newsletter and hope UBC publishes something similar for its upcoming studies. We are on our way!