Thursday, September 30, 2010

Report card in Barrie

Well, I'm just back from the Barrie Vascular Imaging Clinic and have "passed": all my blood is flowing properly in both jugulars.  That's the good news and "bad" news all together.  It's good to know that my veins are not blocked and that any healing that can happen should now be happening.  So, at least, I can hope that my MS won't get worse and that the improvements I've seen won't go away.  On the other hand, while restenosis would have meant another trip to Poland (or somewhere), now I can no longer hope that another "liberation" could result in even more improvements. Plus my wife will have to find somewhere else to buy her amber jewelry!  :-)

Oh, in answer to your question, Shelli, I sent my request for an appointment in August. However, it seems that people who have already been liberated are getting earlier appointments... perhaps because Dr. McDonald is hoping to get permission to do procedures in the near future.


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!

    my improvements have been few and far in between!

    I'm still waiting for my ultimate improvement!
    I'll be back in Barrie in October.


  2. Ted, was there a cost to have your follow-up doppler done or did Medicare cover the cost? We are scheduled for a follow-up with Dr. MacDonald on November 10. In case you missed it, there was an article about my wife Dianne and our trip to Bulgaria in today's Gleaner. Keep blogging, you have inspired and informed many of us over the past few months. Regards, Fred.

  3. Fred, there was no charge for the follow-up. They did take my Medicare number, but I heard from someone that they aren't billing for it... they are doing it as a service to MS people... imagine that!

  4. Oh, and Fred, I'm still on my way back to Freddy Beach, so I'll try to remember to look for the article in today's Gleaner when I get back.

  5. Maria, I hope that you do get more improvements soon. For myself, I'm going on with my life as if this is all I get... but that I don't get worse.

  6. Thanks Ted. Fred