Friday, September 17, 2010

Dr. Siskin in Albany, NY

From another friend... Perhaps someone can straighten this out for me... and forgive me if it's because I missed it on TiMS or Facebook (I haven't been on them much lately).  I'd heard about Dr. Siskin a couple of months ago, then it seemed that someone else was taking appointments... now it seems that Dr. Siskin is back in business again.. or is this all just the same group?

Dr. Gary Siskin,
Albany Medical Center,
47 New Scotland Ave. MC-113,
Albany NY 12208
Phone 518-262-5149

Costs are:

Venogram - $3,000
Procedure - $2,000

He doesn't normally use stents, unless there are complications, and when he does, they are MRI friendly. :) They cost $2,000 each.

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  1. You probably know this by now, but there are 2 doctors at this facility performing the CCSVI procedure; Dr. Gary Siskin and Dr. Ken Mandato. Also the address above is incorrect. The procedures are done at:
    Capital Region Health Park
    711 Troy-Schenectady Road
    Latham, New York 12110

    I had the procedure in May 2010 with Dr. Mandato and it is a terrific place. Wonderful, caring staff and I had a great result. No stents needed and no re-stenosis over a year later :-) My total cost was $5000.00 but I have heard that the prices have increased since then.