Friday, September 10, 2010

Finnish Friend Re-fixed

A Finnish friend, who was treated in Poland on the same day as I was (in April), has restenosed and was re-treated in Katowice yesterday.  She had this to say:
I had the procedure yesterday, and they ballooned my left jugular again and put a stent on my azygos (it had collapsed).  They have a neurologist to check you before the procedure, and 30 min presentation on CCSVI the day before. Mary will be glad to hear that the English-Polish translation paper is given with the info package. Then this morning they do the doppler again to ensure that the veins are open.

I talked with the doctor, who mentioned that  last week they had had a patient in a wheelchair that could walk with a cane a couple of days after the procedure. He explained this saying that her MS was caused mainly by the CCSVI, while MS= unknown factor X + CCSVI.  So, "miracles" can only happen if the main cause is CCSVI, otherwise the benefits are smaller. That's why people benefit differently. Now we have to find the X. Hahaa - the whole mystery of MS hasn't been solved yet.  For me, the walking and bladder problems followed the blockage of azygos, now it will be interesting to see whether they will improve with the stenting. Also, I thought I'll try to test my blood for any heavy metals, such as mercury, and see what that brings. My personal quest for the elusive X...

I hope that you will not have to come to Poland for a new procedure, because of the cost. It would certainly be better done in Canada, but  the good thing with restenosis is that after second ballooning, they veins will stay open (third ballooning seems to be rare).

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