Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not everyone improves

Here is an excerpt from a message sent to me by someone who was liberated in Poland a few days before me:
I have not had any improvements and I can say that I have definitely had my MS progress. My walking is much poorer, my foot drop more pronounced, I fatigue much faster. On the other hand, I was getting worse when I went to Katowice and I think it would have been unreasonable to expect the procedure to put the brakes on and reverse my decline.

We had a long hot summer in Montreal, a very hard one for MSers. Now that the weather is cooling, I am feeling much better and there are days when I can walk much further. I very rarely use a cane (almost never) but once in awhile I put on my AFO and it helps with stamina.

I am feeling somewhat ambivalent about the procedure. I don't regret having it done, but I am not sure about recommending it to others anymore. I base this not just on my experience, but on what many others have voiced as well. Much to learn. 

I'll be back in Katowice in October . I don't know what to expect - problems with my stent?... restonosed right jugular?... all ok?... If I am offered a stent in my right jugular, I have no idea right now if I would agree to it.

In the meantime - I am a fervent believer that there needs to be more research, clinical trials, and sooner not later. I am thoroughly disappointed in the Canadian MS Society, the Canadian Health Minister, and the countless neurologists who are not prepared to act as the doctors they trained to be.

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