Sunday, July 4, 2010

Study on Brain Changes in MS and Depression---looks like hypoxia (again)

In case you missed this information from CCSVI Facebook about this article in Scientific American that shows (once again) the effects of hypoxia, probably caused by CCSVI, on MSers:!/notes/ccsvi-in-multiple-sclerosis/study-on-brain-changes-in-ms-and-depression-looks-like-hypoxia-again/410108737210.

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  1. Follows this article from last month by Dr. Brandes posted on the CTV website. An excerpt:

    "Indeed, a recently-published case report that included a literature review, summarizes what has been observed when one or both jugular veins in the neck are suddenly blocked off by a clot. They include increased intracranial (brain) pressure; headache; altered consciousness; lethargy; double vision; visual loss; and eye muscle (6th cranial nerve) weakness."

    Maybe you posted this one too, Ted. I only [i]try[/i] to read all the blog here. I had the eye muscle weakness since I was a child. I've been depressed for a long while but slog through it. I used to attribute that state of mine to my previous unfortunate luck with a certain woman. Now I know . . .

    Keep keeping us posted, and Thanks, Ted.

    Kevin (dodgeviper on TiMS)