Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Approaching 3 months... no recent changes

In just over a week it will have been three months since my liberation.  I haven't noticed any recent improvements in my symptoms: things seem to have plateaued for the last few weeks. However, though things seem to regress when I'm really tired after pushing myself, neither I have I lost my improvements in levels of energy, mobility, strength and dexterity.


  1. The improvements stay improved with nothing getting worse (and staying worse). Not a miracle, but a viable treatment. Fair assessment thus far?

    Thanks Ted.


  2. Yes, Kevin, I would say that is a fair assessment so far.

  3. Ted,
    Would you elect to have the testing/procedure if you were VERY new to MS??? Like not even sure if you have it for sure (CIS) and have no real symptoms. Or would you wait a year or so until the Docs get more practice?

  4. I would probably wait, Jeff, if I was in your situation, but keep track of what is going on with respect to CCSVI/MS and even try to just get tested by someone who knows what they are doing (preferably locally). Working with others to put pressure on your own medical system would be a good idea. It also might make sense to get your name on a list for a year from now... you can always cancel it when the time comes in any case.