Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is there a conspiracy?

While not bringing forth any startling new facts, this article by Steven Price is a coherent, reasoned argument for the possibility that influential individuals in the MS Societies in Canada and the US are fighting very hard to disprove that CCSVI could cause MS, and to hinder the establishment of CCSVI  assessment and treatment centers in North America:  Certainly their choice of which CCSVI research projects to fund should raise eyebrows: it's hard to take seriously research teams that don't appear to include vascular specialists, where neurologists say the goal is to "disprove Zamboni", and where the major researchers are in very tight with the MS Societies.  Unfortunately, the results of this flawed research would likely be trumpeted by the MS Societies as "proof" that they were right all along.  I can't see how the MS Societies could stop progress on CCSVI research and treatment entirely (not with what people can now do on the internet), but it would likely continue to muddy the waters for several years, which may gain them some breathing room.  Certainly it will be enough to make sure that most MS sufferers in the US and Canada will have to continue going abroad to be treated for years to come.  *sigh*

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  1. hi,
    i totally agree with you!
    i had the procedure done at the beginning of this year in Poland. and my resultant were and still are amazing. However i am going back to Poland in Sept, since my June Dopller test showes stenosis in the area where stent had been inserted. The blood clog blocks about 70& of blood flow in my left jugular vein. some of my pain is backk. SO i am going to deal with it in Sept. Have you had CCSV done yourself?
    kind regards,
    Eva (Santa Monica, CA)
    if yu wish to know more about my treatment and its results you can write me via facebook!/profile.php?id=1046652482