Thursday, July 15, 2010

Depressing visit with my GP

Although there for other reasons, I took the opportunity to discuss CCSVI and liberation with my GP today. My GP has been quite supportive of my decision to go to Poland, but today he said that he couldn't see how blocked veins could cause hypoxia... which are only caused by blocked arteries to the brain... (has he been reading Colin Rose's BS?).

Anyway, that little argument wasn't what bothered me. It was his later saying that it is highly unlikely that anything will be done in our part of the country (or anywhere in Canada) until the whole CCSVI/MS relationship is sanctioned by neurologists... that if anything will happen it will be led by neuros. I can imagine how soon that will happen!

Some on TiMS blame this situation in Canada on our health system, but I would only agree with that in the sense that people make up the system, and our health system doesn't do much to reward health professionals for being innovative or even open-minded. Just remember that the situation in US hasn't really been much better, though some of the reasons are different.

For all those who insist that we must "go local", just remember that many of us live far away from big research and medical centers. In many parts of our continent, I couldn't (in good conscience) advise anyone to pin their hopes on going local. While, eventually, this must go local to really reach the masses, how can you ask individual people who are going downhill quickly to give up their only real hope for changing their personal circumstances? Given that operations in the US have been shut down before, I wouldn't even advise an MSer to give up an opportunity overseas because they have been contacted by, say, Albany.


  1. I'm not sure i believe in the "go local". CCSVI is very new, it can be hard to diagnose and to treat. The Dr has to know what to look for... Most of the local Dr.s i have spoke to do not have a interest in it either. I do not like the fact that on thisisms there are people that have found dr's that do have an interest in CCSVI and are doing the procedures, but will not share the names, some of these Dr.'s might even be within driving distance from me. I do understand the general concept of CCSVI, but not well enough to explain it to a Dr. accuratly, especally how to test for it... I think the people that know of Dr's doing the procedure should share the names.