Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parliamentary Sub-committee Hearing: Drs. Zamboni and Simka Testify

Some very interesting testimony at the Parliamentary Sub-committee hearings, including strong statements from Drs. Zamboni and Simka concerning the efficacy and safety of CCSVI, and questioning the ethical stance of waiting for more clinical trials before allowing treatment:
  1. First part of Dr. Zamboni's testimony:
  2. Conclusion of Dr. Zamboni's testimony, and Dr. Simka's testimony:
  3. As well, here is the statement of President of the Canadian Institute of Health Research concerning that organization's commitment to MS research, its intention to convene a meeting in August of top Canadian and international medical researchers in neurovascular disease (to discuss CCSVI) and an invitation to researchers to propose research projects aimed at investigating the links between MS and CCSVI:

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