Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canadian Medical Association Journal Editorial on medical research and politics

Here are the links to the CMAJ editorial and Globe and Mail article about the editorial.  There are good points made in the editorial, that medical research should be driven by science, not politics.  However, while many MSers would agree that research funding should be based upon good science, they feel that it is already driven by politics... the "politics" of money that comes from big drug companies, and the "politics" of researchers and organizations that are invested in the status quo.  As well, many MSers are tired of how they are portrayed as "desperately hopeful", as if that means that they can't make good decisions about their own treatment based upon the evidence and good arguments.  Actually, many of these "afflicted, desperate people" know more about the issue than the neurologists that have been giving their "less-than-humble" opinions.

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