Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Progress of Fellow "Graduates"

After sending them an update on my condition (as per my blog post a week ago), I've had "one-year-later" notes from some of the other people who were in Katowice with me at the same time I was being liberated:
From Tony: Yes it's hard to believe we were all sat in Katowice this time last year comparing notes and looking forward to the future. In my case the improvements and changes I've personally noted are really a mirror of Ted's experiences and emails, nothing major in reversal terms but small improvements none the less. Less fatigue is the biggest winner for me as well.
I should get my veins checked again this year as well to see if I'm still flowing in the right direction but not sure whether to make the journey back to Poland or seek a specialist in the UK. I'll do some more research on that one first.
We've had glorious weather here for the last few weeks and I've spent most of my free time catching up in the garden which was definitely out of the question pre-liberation, so something is working!

From Inge: Great to hear from you. And with such good news. It is indeed strange to think that it has been a year already. For me, the procedure in Poland marks a starting point of stabilization of my MS, but not recovery. I feel that the second procedure I had in Belgium marks the beginning of recovery fully. 
Since then, I noticed serious improvements: in balance, energy, strength. I haven't used my wheelchair in the office since January. Instead I am able to walk with a walker/stroller from my car to my desk, to the canteen etc. Major improvement for me: I am no longer dependent on my colleagues to pick me up in the garage and help me in my wheelchair. 
I notice I have much more energy, even to do things at night. Before, I collapsed totally exhausted in bed by 21h. 
I am happy to hear that you still notice improvements, even months after the procedure. It gives me hope that i can further improve. Right now, I am on a vicious physiotherapy regime. All in order to gain muscle strength. Then I hope to be able to walk longer and/or further.
I am experiencing a sort of catch22: the more I walk, the more I have spasms and muscle cramps. Which hinders me in walking. But if I don't walk, I get stiff anyway. So I keep on training... In the end this seems the best route. ;-) 

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