Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Progress of Fellow "Graduates"

And another reply, this one from Val:
Hi All,

What a year it's been. I went to Pacific Interventional in California in February to have a very extensive MRI. They use the Haake protocal MRI down there and I was in the machine for 2 hours. This place is quite amazing, they have done 700 procedures and are very cutting edge. They use the larger balloons that the Kuwaiti doctors use. They are finding that many of us are under treated and our valves need disruption with the big balloons. Dr. Arata said that looking at my MRI he would have thought they would be doing surgery on my because there was stenosis in all three veins. My only vein done in Poland was my right Jug. He did a consultation with me and said that I appeared to be doing very well and he does not believe in fixing what isn't broken. I have no pain or fatigue as of a year ago. I have a lot more skill with balance etc. I will continue to go to CA for an anual MRI and hope that it stays going well.

We are the pioneers and I wish all of you well. This year has been good to me and every day I am so thankful. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.

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